The Lazy Range is a unique chalk and mineral paint with a wax infusion. The colour range is self-priming, self-leveling and self-sealing without odour and is a smooth and beautiful colour with excellent coverage. It is robust and really a "Paint & Go" as it does not need to be polished or sealed! Just dip it in, paint and go! It is also wipeable, certified according to EN: 71-3, so it is safe to paint children's toys etc. and dries in a few hours. For larger projects, this unique paint can also be used with a standard spraying machine. Drying times: The ink should dry for at least between 30 minutes and two hours. The drying time depends on the temperature and air humidity. If you use several coats, the previous coat must always be completely dry. If you want to be absolutely sure, let a day pass before continuing. This is actually the same for all series.

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