Frenchic Furniture Wax has no hidden properties and is a completely natural wax without petroleum base, without a terrible smell. It is simply fabulous for transforming your wooden furniture. Quick and easy to apply, a fantastic finish for your Frenchic designs. It has also been rigorously tested to ensure the safety of children (EN 71: 3). Easiest to apply with our small or large wax brush. How long does it take for the wax to dry? Normally you always say 30-45 minutes, but I don't want to confirm this because some furniture needs a few days or a week or more to dry thoroughly and harden. Therefore we generally recommend to be patient in everything and not like many of us fast, fast. This will not help you or the furniture afterwards if you are not satisfied, will it? The wax is applied quickly and easily with a wax brush. Excess wax should be polished immediately with a lint-free cloth (e.g. cotton cloth). This will make the surface silky matt and smooth. Just try it out !
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